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Exclusively for Women & Couples

Sensual erotic yoni massage for women

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Seren Sins
Mistress of Experiences

Exclusively for Women & Couples

Seren Sins is an experienced sensual massage therapist, BDSM Pro-Domme and ‘Mistress of Experiences’ working exclusively with women and couples.

She specialises in Erotic/ Sensual Massage, Yoni Massage, BDSM, Impact Play and Sensation Play – leaving you always fully satisfied but eternally wanting more… 

Seren Sins is also an Adult Educator in Sex Positivity, Sexual Intimacy, Alternative Relationships, and Kink. 

She is the Event Manager of Skirt Club (Women’s Only Members Club) in the UK and works alongside The UK’s Award Winning Male Dom, Master Peter, at a range of fetish and play events in London.

Seren was voted the ‘Leading Lady of Light’ by Skirt Members on International Women’s Day  2021. 

Seren Sins (she/her) celebrates LGBTQ+ communities and individuals, and is a proud advocate for Sex Positivity & Kink Positive attitudes.

Seren Sins’ sensual play space is based in London, UK.

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What Seren’s Clients Say….

“Seren has helped me to identify with where I place myself in relationships. It was through her guidance and understanding that I came to understand that I am ‘solo poly.’ I am now able to affirm so many things I had questioned.” G – London, UK

“I don’t know what you just did… but that was the Holy Grail of how a woman should be touched!! I’m walking on air…” S – London, UK

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience… neither of us knew what to expect but we knew we wanted to share the whole experience with you. We felt comfortable inviting you into our intimacy because of your intuitiveness. You totally put us at ease and made it really enjoyable, so thank you!” J&J – Brighton, UK

“Seren shares her experiences in a humble and insightful way. She cares about people and their experiences more than anyone I know. Seren invests in the people she she works with, and contemplates them on many levels.” T – London, UK

I just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful experience today! You made my first BDSM adventure absolutely amazing! And I am looking forward to the next one! (P. S. I hope you can forgive me for my inability to speak & babbling after that haha…)
S – Swindon, UK


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