Is Seren Sins For Me?

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Exclusively designed sensual experiences for Women & Couples…

Seren Sins is extremely proud to work with a diverse range of women and couples, all of varying identities in regards to their sexuality, sexual preferences, sexual history, and their relationship statuses.

The shared thing in common?
The desire to embrace pleasure. The urge to indulge in sensuality. The curiosity to want to explore… and the confidence to make it happen.

As a sensually-inspired woman who has independently navigated her way through a personal journey of sexual exploration, Seren Sins now channels her energy into successfully (and seductively) enabling other woman and couples to do very much the same:

“I spent many years trying to understand my own sexuality and sexual preferences. It took time and patience, a lot of experimenting, and an openness to explore each new experience that came my way with a happy open heart – and I’m so glad I did!

In undergoing my journey I discovered that blissful joy, a sense of empowerment, and deep satisfaction can be found in both sensual massage and BDSM – and I realised more and more how much I wanted to share this enjoyment with others.”

Pleasure vs Pain – on the surface ‘sensuality’ and ‘sado-masochism’ may seem like opposite ends of the sexual spectrum – and in many ways they are! But both pleasure and pain can entwine themselves in such a way that brings unending joy and deep satisfaction to both giver and receiver, and that is what fascinates Seren about these two disciplines the most.

“In creating my own style of sensual / sado-masochistic offerings – from erotic massage to BDSM, and a mix of the two together – I’ve learned how to perfectly engage and blend these two very different disciplines in a way that compliments them, rather than confuses.  I’m proud to say that every person who visits me for a session –  for whatever their reason –  walks away feeling empowered and enabled by their own sexual prowess.”

So, tell me… why should I visit Seren Sins?

“Well you tell me, Darling!”

“Mine was a journey that started socially – with events, apps, and parties galore… but for many, the journey of sexual discovery is an exploration of ‘self’ that would prefer to be taken privately.

I offer my clients the opportunity to indulge themselves fully in a way that allows them to explore themselves freely without judgement, or performance; a release of sexual expression and the confidence to embrace curiosity, in a private environment away from the eyes of others…”

…and with the comfort and confidentiality that comes from seeing Seren one on one.


The women who most often visit Seren tend to consider themselves either ‘Straight’ Heterosexual, Heteroflexible, Bi-Curious, Bisexual, Lesbian/Gay, Pansexual, Queer, Femme, or else prefer not label themselves at all – and that’s perfectly OK!

Some of these women are in committed relationships or are dating… others are single. 

Many of the women who Seren works with are on a personal journey of sexual exploration. Some already feel secure in their identity, but have a desire to indulge.

“Some of the women I work with have already enjoyed sensual experiences with another woman. Other’s have not… but they can’t wait to try!”


Seren works Male/Female and Female/Female couples from all different relationship styles and backgrounds, and with diverse levels of experience too, including those who participate regularly in playful non-monogamy; polyamory; or those who identify as otherwise ‘monogamous’ in their day to day relationship. 

No two couples are the same… and nor are their reasons for coming to play. I always endeavour to tailor any couples’ experience to provide a sensual service which suitably satisfies everyone in the room…

Do you work with ‘just’ men?
Seren’s work focuses primarily on working with women and couples, to offer them the experience of exploring their own sexuality and sexual preferences privately, in a secure setting, and with the reassurance and understanding that comes from spending time with another woman. For this reason, Seren prefers to offer her services exclusively to Women, and FF/MF couples only, in order to maintain the purpose of what she sets out to deliver.


However, single males will be considered for consultation upon polite request and with strict identity vetting.

Here are just some examples of why you may wish to indulge in a sensual massage or BDSM session with Seren Sins:

  • The desire to indulge yourself fully in a private space, away from home and/or the prying eyes of people you may know or recognise.
  • The desire to indulge yourself fully without compromise to your relationship status, or yours and your partner’s social/sexual boundaries.
  • The desire to indulge yourself fully without compromise to your outwardly recognised sexual identity.
  • The desire to indulge yourself fully without the need to attend sex parties, fetish events, or other social gatherings relating to sensuality and BDSM.
  • The desire to indulge yourself fully without the expectation to ‘date’ or form a romantic attachment with those you indulge with.
  • The desire to indulge yourself fully but without wishing use dating apps or social media to find the right person.
  • The desire to indulge yourself fully without fear of judgement or embarrassment. 
  • The desire to indulge yourself fully… need I say any more?

My clients visit me for a number of personal reasons – whether it be to explore a side themselves that they’re yet to uncover, or to simply be pampered in sensual bliss… whatever your reason, there is no judgement or expectation. I endeavour to provide a safe space for you to relax and indulge in your want and your fantasy.

Seren Sins is a trained intimacy coach and experienced sensual massage therapist, but she is not a medical therapist, counsellor or doctor, and must not be considered as such.

Find out more about the following experiences:

What Seren’s Clients Say….

“Wow, that was amazing.  Absolutely amazing. Thank you so very much.  If that’s not the best therapy in the world, I don’t know what is! I’m so blissed out… you’re incredible.” D – Surrey, UK

“I felt a warm, relaxed feeling in my yoni for two days after… what a treat you gave me!” S – Germany

“I’ve waited 40 years for this opportunity, but when I found you I immediately trusted you. Your philosophy for empowering women – I felt safe… It was completely lovely and joyous, everything I hoped it would be.” L – Somerset, UK

“Seren has helped me to identify with where I place myself in relationships. It was through her guidance and understanding that I came to understand that I am ‘solo poly.’ I am now able to affirm so many things I had questioned.” G – London, UK

“I don’t know what you just did… but that was the Holy Grail of how a woman should be touched!! I’m walking on air…” S – London, UK

“I feel like ‘wow – did that really happen?!’ It’s a little bit dream like… It helped me confirm I am attracted to women… it was overwhelmingly good to be touched like that! I’m excited to see where I go next…” G – Buckinghamshire, UK

“I feel like I stand a little taller and feel more confident… I can’t wait to see my hubby and show him that I can look at myself a little differently – more like my own being and not belonging to anyone else. It seems really profound to say it, but I love this change and I want to thank you for empowering me.” E – Leicestershire, UK

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience… neither of us knew what to expect but we knew we wanted to share the whole experience with you. We felt comfortable inviting you into our intimacy because of your intuitiveness. You totally put us at ease and made it really enjoyable, so thank you!” J&J – Brighton, UK

“Seren shares her experiences in a humble and insightful way. She cares about people and their experiences more than anyone I know. Seren invests in the people she she works with, and contemplates them on many levels.” T – London, UK

I just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful experience today! You made my first BDSM adventure absolutely amazing! And I am looking forward to the next one! (P. S. I hope you can forgive me for my inability to speak & babbling after that haha…)
S – Swindon, UK