Spank Me Softly | BDSM Impact Play for Women

Feminine dominance at its most Sin-ful…

Be you a saint or a sinner, Seren Sins is proud to offer her own personal style of sensual BDSM, Bondassage and ‘Impact Play’ to curious women of a submissive nature.

Whether you prefer the lighter touch of a woman’s hand, or the sensation of being spanked safely by someone of your own sex, Seren has tailored her professional domination skills and impact play expertise to work exclusively with women.

In this tailor-made session, Seren will both punish and please you with your choice in the following methods of physical body domination, impact play and BDSM:


Spanking by Hand

Spanking with Paddles and Props


Sensation Play

Arm and Leg Restraints

Vagina Teasing / Orgasm Denial

Excessive Orgasm (Doxy)

Removal of Senses 

Silence & Anticipation

Face Slapping

Kitten Play

Pleasure vs Pain

On the surface ‘sensuality’ and ‘sado-masochism’ may seem like opposite ends of the sexual spectrum – and in many ways they are! But both pleasure and pain can entwine themselves in such a way that brings unending joy and satisfaction to both giver and receiver, and that is what fascinates Seren about these two disciplines the most.

Whilst Seren is more than happy to play the role of dominant to your submissive, she also believes that above anything else, impact play and BDSM should be a sensual activity for the pleasure/pain senses – an itch you’d like to scratch perhaps… and so, her sessions invite an element of fun, playfulness, irresistible tease, and mutual laughter during your time together too.

Whether you prefer something soft and sensual… or anticipate a little more pain for your pleasure… Seren will tailor the session to suit your level of comfort and desire.

Consent, safety and personal boundaries will be fully discussed prior to your session beginning. 

Something else you’d like to try…?

Seren welcomes you to email her direct with your personal requests for a more tailored experience.


£100 (60 Minutes)

£75 (40 Minutes)

Lunch Break, darling?
Seren offers Power Half-Hour sessions to London city workers on their lunch breaks.
Available Monday to Friday – 12-2pm
£70 (30 Minutes – Barbican)

Enquire now for availabilty:

Master Peter of London

Seren Sins is proud to have been professionally trained in BDSM and Impact Play by the UK’s No.1 Professional Male Dom – Master Peter of London.

‘Spank Me Softly’ sessions with Seren Sins will take place at Master Peter’s specially equipped dungeon location in Barbican. 

If you would like to know more about how you can arrange a double-dom or ‘Bondassage’ session with BOTH Seren Sins & Master Peter, please email: