The Unicorn Experience | 3-Way Massage for Couples

A magical experience for the explorative couple…

The Unicorn Experience is the perfect opportunity for any committed couple to share their passion and their pleasure with a third person – Seren Sins.

For me, there is nothing more beautiful than to witness the love and connection that exists between two people in a relationship. When that connection is then shared with another… the intimacy, the trust, the playfulness… to be part of something so sacred, even for a moment, is simply inspiring.

Seren’s unique and exclusive offering allows couples to explore the idea of opening up their relationship to indulge their sensual senses and combined sexual preferences in a way that welcomes another person in to share in their intimacy, without compromising the boundaries or commitment of their own relationship. 

What Should We Expect…?

‘The Unicorn Experience’ invites you both to take turns in being pampered indulgently on the massage table, with Seren as your guide and companion in giving pleasure.

You will lay on the table, whilst your partner joins Seren in delivering you with a full-body sensual experience, using hands and whole bodies to connect with your physical pleasure senses. Seren will guide your partner to bring you to climax, using shared techniques of full body massage and erotic touch. 

Once indulged, you’ll then be invited to switch places on the table, so that you can now work in sync with Seren to offer the same experience to your partner in return.

Depending on your preferences, you and your partner may also wish to extend your experience to work together in tandem to provide Seren with a massage of your own giving as one.

Seren will be fully nude during the more intimate moments of the massage, and you will be welcome to undress fully or else wear underwear if you prefer. As a couple, it is entirely up to you how long you each spend on the table and we can tailor your experience to focus only on one of you as the receiver, or else indulge you both in equal measure.

Depending on your level of comfort, there will be an element of intimate touch given to you whilst on the table, with the intention to bring you to climax using hands and/or a selection of toys and props as desired. As a couple, you can decide on whether you would prefer this intimate touch to be given only by yourselves, or by Seren as well. We will, of course, discuss your full boundaries and consent levels in advance of the massage beginning.

The Unicorn in the Room

In my own experience with other couples, I’ve often felt that being a Unicorn is such a delight and an honour. Knowing that I can bring a little touch of magic into your personal & private life through compassion, intimacy and play… and to see the joy and satisfaction that the couple take away with them… well, for me it’s just divine!

The word ‘unicorn’ in the swinger sex communities is most commonly used to label a single (or solo) person who consensually lends themselves to being involved as a ‘third person’ in a shared sexual experience with another couple – or a ‘threesome.’

Often, the other two people in the threesome are an established and committed (sometimes otherwise  monogamous) couple, who have chosen to welcome in a third person for sexual exploration and enjoyment together, but without the wish to bring them into their relationship in a more permanent or polyamorous sense.

The word ‘unicorn’ comes from a reflection of the idea that this ‘third person’ can often be quite hard to find – almost mythical in their existence! And yet, to find someone who fully understands and respects the existing couple’s own relationship boundaries, without threat to their commitment, or compromise to their love – is something magical!


3-Way Couples Massage (90 Mins)
You and your partner (only) will take turns as the receivers…

3-Way Couples Massage (120 Mins)
You, your partner and Seren will all take turns as the receivers…

To discuss any further options to tailor your experience, please email Seren direct.


Seren Sins
Mistress of Experiences

Seren Sins is an experienced sensual massage therapist, BDSM Pro-Domme and ‘Mistress of Experiences’ working predominantly with women and couples.

She specialises in Erotic/ Sensual Massage, Yoni Massage, BDSM, Impact Play and Sensation Play – leaving you always fully satisfied but eternally wanting more… 

Seren Sins is also an Adult Educator in Sex Positivity, Sexual Intimacy, Alternative Relationships, and Kink. 

Seren Sins (she/her) celebrates LGBTQ+ communities and individuals, and is a proud advocate for Sex Positivity & Kink Positive attitudes.

Seren Sins’ sensual play space is based in London, UK.

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“Thank you for such a wonderful experience… neither of us knew what to expect but we knew we wanted to share the whole experience with you. We felt comfortable inviting you into our intimacy because of your intuitiveness. You totally put us at ease and made it really enjoyable, so thank you!” J&J – Brighton, UK